soniKKs HF Switchbox

soniKKs HF Switchbox

Developed for ultrasonic mechanical engineering, where often a lot of welds and converters are needed. The soniKKs HF Switchbox offers the possibility to connect up to 10 converters to one ultrasonic generator. This allows saving the cost of additional generators.

S6015: Ultrasonic Soldering System

soniKKs ultrasonic soldering

Unique in EU: soniKKs ultrasonic soldering offers cost efficienct soldering of complex soldering parts. Many special materials like e.g. glass, aluminium, titanium,stainless steel and many others what are not solderable with a standard soldering iron can be soldered with the soniKKs ultrasonic soldering unit.

soniKKs Generators: Now with Chinese User Interface

soniKKs ultrasonic generators with chinese user interface

We are always striving to meet the needs of our customers. On special request of our chinese customers, we now can offer all our ultrasonic generators with chinese user interface.


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