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Business Solutions

We offer you a wide range of the newest ultrasonic solutions for different businesses.

soniKKs Ultrasonics Technology GmbH, headquartered in Dobel (Germany), is specialized in developing and fabricating high quality ultrasonic components (ultrasonic generators, converters, sonotrodes and more). Our innovative products, a high motivated team of ultrasonic specialists and 25 years of experience in developing ultrasonic components guarantee you the highest quality and efficiency.

Our ultrasonic products are compatible with the following applications:

  • Ultrasonic Welding
    Our ultrasonic welding components are suitable for plastic or metal welding. The components needed are a generator, a converter, a booster and a sonotrode.
  • Ultrasonic Cutting
    Ultrasonic cutting offers advantages especially in the cut of soft and sticky materials. It is mostly used in the food industry (cheese, pizza, sweets), plastic film or fabrics.
  • Ultrasonic Sieving
    Our ultrasonic sieves are used for applications where pulverized materials are used or produced.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Our TrueSonic ultrasonic cleaning series stands for quality where the stated power is real. Additionally, we are offering cleaning tanks and cleaning tubs.
  • Ultrasonic Soldering
    No need to clean your soldering tip anymore. Also, this process allows soldering exotic materials such as glass, ceramics or aluminium.
  • Ultrasonic Atomizing
    Ultrasonic atomizing pulverizes melted materials as fine solder. The arised powder serves as a basis as solder paste for electronic industrie for example.
  • Ultrasonic Turning, Dragging, Drilling
    Our ultrasonic components are suitable for a wide range of ultrasonic applications.

Interested? Go and convince yourself of our ultrasonic products! We answer you all open questions and make you a non-binding offer.

soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH

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E-mail: sales@sonikks.de

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