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soniKKs® - More Than Just Noise and Smoke

The company soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH, located on the brink of the northern black forest, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in April. Established on April 16th, 2008 by Klaus Kern, the business started with its new developments of modular ultrasonic components with two companions in the small health resort Dobel. At this point, Klaus Kern has already had more than 20 years of experience with the development of ultrasonic generators.

In the beginning, soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH mainly offered generators in the realm of plastic welding. Throughout the years the business segment was extended to ultrasonic oscillation systems, such as converter, booster, and sonotrodes, to offer customers a complete solution – ultrasonic generators including tuned oscillation systems. Moreover, ultrasonic generators for the scope of sieving, emulsification, food and textile cutting, as well as milling were designed.

Advancement and constant development is still paramount at soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH today. Therefore, an enhancement will be released in mid-2018, which lies within the scope of metal welding, the K6. With a frequency of 20 kHz, a performance of 6000 Watts, optional ProfiBus, Modbus, or, in the future, ProfiNet interface, and different operating concepts, such as touch screen or rotary encoder, it might as well be named the “Hercules” of the soniKKs® generators. Furthermore, a new hand welder will be available this year, which enables its user to change the sonic head independently from the handpiece and to rotate it in arbitrary directions.

In order to be able to continuously develop important world innovations, intensive cooperations are maintained with universities and research institutes, such as the Fraunhofer Institutes. Thus, excellent new developments are created, for example the process of ultrasonic soldering, which is mainly used to produce solar panels and highly cost effective through its saving of silver when soldering. For this process, soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH is sole manufacturer within the EU and has only few competitors worldwide.

Intermediate, soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH has its own CNC workshop with a CNC milling machine and a CNC lathe. This ensures fast responses to customized applications and is also essential for development and research of oscillation systems.

When Klaus Kern passed away in the beginning of 2016, his wife, Jutta Kern, who has been an authorized representative for soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH since its foundation, took lead of the business. In November 2016 Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Bodo Seidel completed management of the small company. Thanks to qualified, motivated, and engaged employees the business has successfully developed. Today, 12 people work at soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH with most of them living in Dobel.


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