The ultrasonic technology is a very innovative and eco-friendly technique which replaces many established processes. Our ultrasonic components and products offer you a wide range of applications.

Ultrasonic Welding

soniKKs ultrasonic soldering

Our ultrasonic welding components are suitable for plastic or metal welding. Needed components are a generator, converter, booster and a sonotrode.

Ultrasonic Cutting

soniKKs ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting offers advantages especially in cutting of soft and adhere materials.

Ultrasonic Sieving

soniKKs ultrasonic sieve

Our ultrasonic sieves are used for applications where pulverized materials are used or produced.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

soniKKs ultrasonic cleaning

Our TrueSonic ultrasonic cleaning series stands for quality where the stated power is real. Additionally we are offering cleaning tanks and cleaning tubs.

Ultrasonic Soldering

soniKKs ultrasonic soldering

To clean the workpiece after ultrasonic soldering is not needed any more. Also you can solder materials as glass, ceramics or aluminium.

Ultrasonic Atomizing

soniKKs ultrasonic atomizing

Ultrasonic atomizing is used in electronic industrie to produce fine solder or obfuscate liquids.

Ultrasonic Assisted Turning

soniKKs ultrasonic assisted turning

Ultrasonic assisted turning superpositions the grinding process with ultrasonic vibrations, this leads to a significant increase of material removal on the workpiece.

Ultrasonic Grinding, Lapping, Drilling, Drawing Die Procession

soniKKs ultrasonic applications

Our ultrasonic components are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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