Ultrasonic Atomizing

Ultrasonic atomization takes place at electrical industry to produce solder paste or atomization of liquids for example.


  1. A generator transforms main voltage to high frequency and transfers it to a converter.
  2. The converter converts high frequency by piezoelectric effect into ultrasonic vibrations.
  3. The ultrasonic vibrtions brings the sieving frame to high frequency oscillation.
  4. In this way, the liquid atomizes into finest particels. The size of the particels depends on the used frequency and is adjustable.

Advandages of ultrasonic atomization
Ultrasonic atomization offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional atomization methods.

  • Creates exact, uniform particles
  • Efficient and environmental friendly processing of raw material
  • No clumping, easy cleaning
  • Atomization of different fluids without impurities

Summary of possible applications
Ultrasonic atomizing offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional atomizing methods.

  • Electrical Industry
    Manufacturing of solder paste
  • Chemical/Medical Industry
    Atomization of liquids

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