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soniKKs ultrasonic cleaning

There are kinds of contaminants, their attachment is so intense, that cleaning with conventional methods is nearly impossible. Furthermore, workpieces often have cracks, cavities and other inaccessible places where only liquids can enter. In this case, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective solution. Ultrasonic cleaning allows you to clean also complicated forms and components, without dismantling the workpiece.

Ultrasonic cleaning is also a very environmental friendly and cost effective solution to deep pore clean metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and a lot more materials. For cleaning, we developed our TrueSonic ultrasnic cleaning serie, which stands for quality where the specified cleaning performance keeps what it promises.


  1. Ultrasonic cleaning regularly takes place in water, if required detergent is added.
  2. By ultrasonic waves above the audibility limit, strong cavitation fields are created.
  3. The cavitation fields creates flows by very fine, imploding vacuum bubbles. That blasts the dirt off the surface have to be cleaned.
  4. The cavitation fields also causes in dispersion of the blasted dirt particles, so that a re-adhesion is prevented.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional cleaning methods.

  • Very clean surface by deep core cleaning
  • Cleaning of comlicated components without dismantling
  • Short cleaning time (approximatly 1 to 5 minutes)
  • Constant cleaning quality
  • Reduction of working costs with better cleaning quality

Summary of possible applications
Ultrasonic cleaning offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional cleaning methods.

  • Electrical Industry
    PCBs, relais, refrigerator compressors, components, kits
  • Optical Industry
    Lenses, eyeglasses, projectors
  • Aerospace, Automotive Industry
    Turbine parts, heat exchanger, suspension parts, gearings, rims
  • Jewelry Industry
    Watch bands, gold and silver jewelry, gemstones, bracelets, housings
  • Metal Industry
    Fittings, instruments, piston rings, tools,  cutlery, bearings

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