Ultrasonic Cutting

soniKKs ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting offers a wide range of applications and offers new possibilities in cutting sector. The special advantages are shown when the cutting material is soft or has adhere properties. Ultrasonic cutting also offers the possibility to cut glas or carbon fibre mats, gum or foil exactly in a fast and clean way.


  1. Special developed cutting sonotrodes were animated by ultrasonic frequency between 20 to 40 kHz.
  2. Transmission of the ultrasonic frequencies leads to mechanical vibrations.
  3. Fast vibration of the cutting edge and such an increase of the cutting speed allows cutting without pressure.
  4. Soft materials such as cheese for example won't be deformed and doesn't  got adhered at cutting edge.

Advantages of ultrasonic cutting
Ultrasonic cutting offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional cutting methods.

  • Cutting without pressure and no deformation of the cutting material
  • Smooth, regular and straight cutting edge
  • Material doesn't become frayed during cutting process
  • Material doesn't adhere on carving knife
  • Combined cutting, welding, pressing is possible

Summary of possible applications
Ultrasonic cutting is suitable for many areas of industry.

  • Food Industry
    Divide food as cheese, dough, baked goods or sweets without pressure
  • Automotive Industrie
    Divide fleece or textiles
  • Chemical Industry
    Divide filter materials to produce activated carbon filters

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