Ultrasonic Grinding, Lapping, Drilling, Drawing Die Procession

soniKKs ultrasonic applications

Our ultrasonic components are suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Ultrasonic Grinding
    Ultrasonic grinding is suitable for industries where difficult materials (ceramics, glass, hart metal) have to be machined.
  • Ultrasonic Lapping
    Ultrasonic lapping place in production of complex geometrically workpieces out of recalcitrant materials.
  • Ultrasonic Drilling
    Ultrasonic drilling don't uses rotation for drilling, but rather the piezoelectric effect. In this way, contact pressure, weight of the drill and energy consumption can be significantly reduced.
    Drilling by ultrasonic is ideal for medical and dental industry.  It also can be used for rotary cutting unsuitable materials such as ceramics or glass.
  • Ultrasonic Drawing Die Procession
    Offers the possibility for post processing of  diamond drawing dies.

We are also happy to work on a ultrasonic solution for your application. Are you interested in our products and services? Feel free to stay in contact with us.

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