Ultrasonic Welding

ultrasonic welding

Our ultrasonic welding system make energy saving welding of plastic and metal possible. A system consists of an ultrasonic generator, converter, booster and a sonotrode. The strenghts of our welding system is the modular construction. This allows us to adapt our ultrasonic generators to all ultrasonic applications.


  1. A generator transforms main voltage to high frequency and transfers it to a converter.
  2. The converter converts high frequency by piezoelectric effect into ultrasonic vibrations.
  3. The booster (also called amplitude transformer) transfers the ultrasonic vibrations to a sonotrode.
  4. The ultrasonic vibrations are forwarded to the machined workpiece by a booster and a sonotrode.
  5. During transfer of the ultrasonic vibrations to workpiece, friction arises between molecules of the workpiece.
  6. Friction creates heat, so the workpiece (plastic for example) melts.
  7. Now the welding worpieces only have to put together by pressure on the surfaces have to weld.

Advandages of ultrasonic welding
Ultrasonic welding offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional welding methods.

  • Welding of thermoplastic materials (composites, fleeces, textiles, films for example)
  • Very fast production time
  • Digital control and monitoring of the welding process
  • Constant welding quality, optically perfect ans stable welds
  • Environmental friendly method by low energy requirements, welding without chemical additives and the possibility to recycle the workpiece

Summary of possible ultrasonic welding applications
Ultrasonic welding is suitable for many areas of industry:

  • Automotive Industry
    Molding of plastic parts or wire harness
  • Textile Industry
    Welding of coated materials such as fabric or tarpaulin
  • Electrical Engineering
    Machining of housings (adding windows for example)
  • Packaging Industry
    Welding or sealing of plastic packages
  • Medical Industry
    Production of medical  supplies and welding of hygienic single-use packages

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