The ultrasonic technology is a very innovative and eco-friendly technique which replaces many established procedures. Our ultrasonic components and products offer you a wide range of applications.

Ultrasonic Generators

SoniKKs ultrasonic generators
We offer desktop generators (model K1, K4 and K5), DIN-Rail mounting generators (model K3) and generators for rack-mounting (model K2).
  • Frequencies: 25 - 100 kHz
  • Power: Up to 4000 Watt

Ultrasonic Converters

SoniKKs ultrasonic transducers / ultrasonic converters

To convert electrical ultrasonic energy of the generator to mechanical oscillation, ultrasonic converters are needed.

  • Frequencies:
    20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 60, 90 kHz (others on request)
  • Power:
    Up to 4000 Watt


soniKKs ultrasonic sonotrodes

The sonotrode forwards the mechanical oscillation to the relevant workpiece.

  • Frequencies:
    20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 60, 90 kHz (others on request)
  • Materials:
    Titanium, special steel, aluminium, special alloy


SoniKKs ultrasonic booster

The booster transforms the amplitude from the converter and forwards it to the sonotrode.

  • Frequencies:
    20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 60, 90 kHz (others on request)
  • Materials:
    Titanium, special steel, aluminium, special alloy

Ultrasonic Soldering Systems

soniKKs ultrasonic soldering system with K2 ultrasonic generator

The S6015 ultrasonic soldering system offers the EU-wide absolute solution for ultrasonic soldering.

  • Frequency/Power:
    60 kHz/15 Watt
  • Advantages:
    Soldering materials as aluminium or glass
    Flux and cleaning is not necessary

Laboratory Systems

soniKKs ultrasonic laboratory systems

Laboratory systems are versatile helpers for research institutions.

  • Function:
    Manipulation of chemical reactions
    Active substance creation

Cleaning Systems / High-Intensity PA

soniKKs cleaning systems

The soniKKs TrueSonic ultrasonic cleaning series for reliable cleaning of your products.

  • Frequency:
    20 - 60 kHz
  • Power:
    Up to 2000 Watt

Seam Welding Heads for Plastics and Metals

soniKKs seam welding head for plastics and metals
soniKKs seam welding heads are used for continuous welding of large area materials. Produces interruption-free welds.
  • Frequency/Power: 20-40 kHz/ up to 3KW
  • Materials: Large area plastics and metals

The New Ultrasonic Hand Welder

As opposed to the previous edition of the pistol grip hand welder, this new design is characterized by its higher flexibility when it comes to handling and range of application.

Here are its advantages:

Hand Welding Pistols

soniKKs ultrasonic hand welding pistols

Practical hand welding pistols for mobile welding of single applications. With pistol handle or straight handle.

  • Frequencies:
    30, 35, 40, 60 kHz
  • Power:
    400, 600, 800 Watt

Housing Systems - Racks

soniKKs ultrasonic housing systems

Our flexible housing system for K2 generators offers the optimal rack for every ultrasonic application.


soniKKs accessories

Profibus interface or webserver for remote control, we offer for our ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic products a wide range of accessories.

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