40 kHz Seam Welding Head for Plastics, Foils, Textiles

40Khz seam welding head for plastics, foils, textiles

soniKKs 40 kHz rotating welding heads are particularly suitable for continuous welding of plastics, films, wide goods, nonwovens or textile fabrics. These rotating heads allow producing continuous welding seams, that is to say without any discontinuity.

The ultrasonic seam welding works on the same principle as the ultrasonic welding. However, the circular shape of the sonotrode coupled to a rotating mechanism enables to solder without interruption.

A support free-wheel can be added to the other end of the sonotrode in order to support important radial stresses (see gallery). This avoids damaging the motor and allows for greater control of the welding process.

Our seam welding heads are delivered together with a stepper motor controller that allows controlling the rotation of the sonotrode.


  • Adjustable welding speed 0.01 m/min-30m/min
  • Adjustable sonotrode diameter
  • Driving torque approx 10Nm
  • Control interface
  • Optionally available with Profibus interface

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