SoniKKs WebserverSoniKKs ultrasonic generators can be extended to a webserver module. This offers completely new opportunities such as remote maintenance over the internet, generator operation via the web browser or control via telnet protocol. The webserver is available in two variants:

  • External webserver
  • Generator integrated webserver


  • Control of all functions
  • Error memory query including time information
  • Browser based configuration interface
  • No software installation required (Sun JRE 1.5 or higher is required)
  • Configurable IP adress (also DHCP / BootP support)
Technical Data  
Connection: Via optional user port to generators
Cable connection: 2m, AWG 26, IP67
Webserver: Integrated configuration interface via browser
Telnet interface for generator control
Dimensions [W x H x D]: 42 x 22 x 70mm
Weight: Approx. 250g
Operating temperature: min. -10°C to max. +40°C non-condensing



Detachable Operating Device

Externes HandbedienteilThe detachable operating interface is intended for connecting to generators without implemented control panel or LCD display. It is particularly suitable when the generator configuration must be changed infrequently. Since a detachable operating interface can be used with multiple generators, it results in a lower price when buying several generators.



RS232 Interface

SoniKKs RS232 SchnittstelleSoniKKs generators can be controlled and monitored using an interface cable via an RS232 interface. The simple and very powerful control protocol is described in a enclosed documentation and gives you full control of the generator.


10 Years soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH

Anniversary Discount 10%

Valid for the time period from April 4th, 2018 to including May 15th, 2018, on one one-time order per customer of 1 up to a maximum of 10 ultrasonic generators or 1 up to a maximum of 10 ultrasonic converter of our standard program.


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