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soniKKs ultrasonic cleaning systems

SoniKKs offers ultrasonic cleaning systems to clean your products. Our complete cleaning systems include all required components for cleaning. Ultrasonic generators, converters and cleaning tanks. We offer all components from one source, perfectly matched.

Some stains are so intense, that cleaning with convwntional methods won't work. In addition, work pieces often have cracks, voids and other inaccessible places. In this case, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective solution. For cleaning we have developed our TrueSonic ultrasonic cleaning series, stands for quality and the specified cleaning performance delivers what it promises.

The TrueSonic cleaning series works with frequences from 20 to 60 kHz and offers power up to 2000 Watt. The used rod transducers are durable and highly efficient due to their all-round radiation. The ultrasonic cleaning system can be used for classical cleaning, sludge PA, biogas production and much more.

Technical Data  

Up to 2000 Watt

  • With pivoting head system "SCP" to max. 1000 watts continous power
  • With Push-Pull-System "SCPP" and two oscillating heads to max. 2000 watts continous power
Frequencies: 20 - 60 kHz
Materials: Massive special titanium alloy, spec. stainless steel


Horizontal/vertical in the liquid or screwed through the vessel wall, transducer is located outside the container

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