Hand Welding Pistols

soniKKs ultrasonic hand welding pistol

Practical ultrasonic hand welding pistols for "mobile" welding and for individual applications. Available with pistol handle (model: HSPG) or with straight handle (model: HSGG). Excellent for repair, rework, small batch production and manual workstations in applications such as ultrasonic welding, cutting, riveting or stamping.

We also supply the appropriate generator (model: K1) with LCD display, in a compact design.


  • Very little weight by complete plastic version
  • Only one connection, HF and control line are combined in a single, highly flexible, lightweight line.
Technical Data  
Frequencies: 30, 35, 40 kHz
Power: 400, 600, 800 Watt
  • HSPG (with pistol handle)
  • HSPGK (with pistol handle and sonotrode cooling)
  • HSGG (with straight handle)
  • HSGGK (with straight handle and sonotrode cooling)

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