K5 Ultrasonic Generator (Desktop Generator)

soniKKs K5 ultrasonic generator

K5 ultrasonic generator with a frequency of 20 - 100 kHz and a power output up to 2000 Watt. Because of it's reliability, flexibility and a compact design, the soniKKs digital K5 ultrasonic generator is unbeatable. A wide range of frequencies and power output is available. With optional extensions , the ultrasonic generator is ideally suited for ultrasonic applications such as welding, cutting, sieving, cleaning, soldering, atomizing etc.

Specific Data for K5  
Power: Up to 2000 Watt
Type: Desktop Generator
Current Consumption: Depends on device, up to 2.8 A
Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 85 x 370 mm
Weight: Approx. 4 kg
  • LED status display
  • Interface for controlling and monitoring of all process-relevant functions
  • LCD-Front or detachable handheld unit with LCD-Display
  • Profibus interface
  • RS232 interface
  • webserver for remote maintenance
Technical Data (all generators)
Frequency: 20 kHz - 100 kHz
  • Constant amplitude on the transducer
  • Infinitely adjustable (50-100% with accessoires)
  • Overload
  • Short circuit
  • Overtemperature

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