The New Ultrasonic Hand Welder

As opposed to the previous edition of the pistol grip hand welder, this new design is characterized by its higher flexibility when it comes to handling and range of application.

Here are its advantages:

  • The converter is not inseparably connected to the pistol anymore but can be changed by the customer himself/herself if defective.
  • Thus, making expensive returns of the ultrasonic pistol unnecessary, as to continue with production immediately.
  • It is now possible to rotate the sonotrode including converter into desired working positions in just a few steps.
  • Only the converter has to be exchanged, when changing the working frequency. At the moment, soniKKs® offers 30kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz converter (naturally, the appropriate ultrasonic generator is necessary).
  • The lightweight, highly reliable construction of the pistol grip paired with ergonomic design and softgrip coating allows for fatigue-free and safe work.

The hand welder is available with (SHSPGK) and without cooling system (SHSPG) for sonotrodes and converter.

The K1-AIR generator with integrated and parameterizable air control is a perfect addition to this hand welder.

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