Ultrasonic Soldering Systems

soniKKs ultrasonic soldering system with K2 ultrasonic generator

The soniKKs S6015 soldering system is optimized for ultrasonic soldering in a wide range of applications. In solar cell production for example, ultrasonic soldering makes it possible to reduce the costs of cell production and improve the cell performance at the same time. Moreover, it allows soldering a wide variety of materials such as ceramic, metals and glass. The S6015 ultrasonic soldering system is available in 3 different models:

  • S6015 K2
  • S6015 K3
  • S6015 K5

Functions and equipment features

  • Compact construction - autonomous device
  • Frequency of 60 kHz – Power output up to 15 Watts
  • integrated temperature-triggered fan
  • Frequency autotuning
  • Optional: Profibus-Interface: DPV0 Protocol
    • Access to all important generator functions
      Adjustable Bus address
  • SPS-Interface
  • Detachable handeld unit with LCD-Display
  • Optional front LCD-Display with rotary encoder
  • Soldering Iron for robot applications, compressed air cooling, LED-Indicators for heater and over temperature
  • Adjustable heater, up to 450°C
  • Temperature control of the soldering iron, overtemperature security
  • Frontpanel with power-bargraph-display, status-display and test-button
Mechanical Data - Exemplary for S6015 K3
Dimensions [B x H x T]: 70 x 185 x 350 mm
Weight: Approx. 2,5kg
Protection: IP 20
Electrical Data (all models)
Line: 90 – 250 V / AC (wide range power supply with powerfactor correction)
Line Power Consumption: Approx. 100 VA
Frequency: 60 kHz +/- 2 kHz
Amplitude: Adjustable amplitude 50 – 100 %
RF-Output Power: Maximal 15 W
Heater Control:
  • Max. temp. 450°C
  • Adjustable 150 – 450°C
  • Adjustable standby delay and standby-temperature
Heater Power: Maximal 70 W
Soldering Iron
Dimensions [L x D]: Approx. 250 mm / max. 35 mm
Weight: Approx. 500 g
Protection: IP 20
Sonotrodes: Special steel, changeable
Connection: 8-pole connector
Additional Features:
  • Integrated sensor for temperature control
  • Connector for pressurized air

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